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For the first time ever, TALIKA brings together all the benefits of its cosmetics devices in one hi-tech mask; 8 avant-garde beauty cares: global anti-aging, first wrinkles, anti-dark spots, anti-blemishes or flash effects: anti-stress, radiance boost, detox, after sun.

Clinically proven efficicacy from the 1st use. Patented.

The Genius Light mask combines 2 avant-garde technologies:

1. Light Therapy®
A patented technology harnessing the power of Nasa research. We discovered that each wavelength has a specific cosmetic benefit.
- Red light: soothes and reduces redness; helps regenerate the skin
- Blue light: reduces blemishes and regulates the production of sebum
- Green light: reduces the appearance of dark spots and evens out skin tone
- Orange light: reduces fine lines, deep wrinkles and firms the skin

2. 7 gentle electrostimulation functions
Highlighted by two co-laureates of the Nobel Prize of Medicine in 1991, electrostimulation is a gentle diffusion of electrical impulses with the following effects: 
1. “lifting”: reduces lines and wrinkles, firms the skin
2. firming: smoothes 1st wrinkles and firms the skin
3. toning: improves skin’s tonicity
4. radiance boost: stimulates local microcirculation, creates a healthy glow
5. calming: stimulates the release of naturally soothing and stress-relieving molecules

They maximise the potential benefits of light on the skin.

+ Ionotherapy:
1. reverse ionophoresis: imperceptible microcurrent that helps “detoxify” the epidermis
2. ionophoresis: enhances the penetration of cosmetic products.